Project description

Grandfather clocks with Carillon & harps

No. 20

Grandfather clock with carillon

Signed museum piece

Year 1690

60cm x 35cm x 256cm

No. 21

Reuge Ste-Croix firm

Alarm clock with Jacquemar automaton

Year 1930

11cm x 4.5cm x 13cm

No. 24

Hofbauer company Göttingen

20 tone levels flute clock, microbox control, incl. 4 cassettes

73cm x 24cm x 84cm


No. 17

Vienna portal clock

with Olbrich Musikwerk

Year 1870

39cm x 14cm x 61cm

No. 33

Longcase clock Black Forest

Equipped with gong everything hand carved



No. 40

grandfather clock

Longcase clock signed with harp or chopping board and large roller

Year 1757

50cm x 46cm 227cm

No. 57

Bronze table clock with glass lintel and music box