Project description

Mechanical automata

No. 68

Pajazzo slot machine company

Original track The Clown No. 5382B Patent 23431

Year 1900

46cm x 15cm x 61cm

No. 4

JAF France company

Shop window machine dwarf

Year of construction unknown

64cm x 42cm x 103cm

No. 25

Paris Diorama

Diorama automat under glass cover with clock

Various movements with music box

Year 1910

49cm x 20cm x 57cm

No. 27

Belfry company amusement machine

With carillon, museum piece

Year 1910

80cm x 77cm 207cm


No. 34

Symphonion Musikwerke Leipzig

Gambrinus the King of Beer on the barrel vending machine with a coin slot

Year 1900

59cm x 40cm x 115cm

No. 35

Fallstaff company

Automatic electrically with mood music with Drinking songs

Year 1960

52cm x 52cm 108cm

No. 37

Doll carousel

Built in France

Year 1900

40cm diameter 57cm height

No. 42

JAF Paris company

Figure points to turntable, makes various movements with the head



No. 43

JAF Paris company

Shop window machine eats potatoes

Electrically powered


No. 49

The Zelenka company

Magician automaton

Year of Manufacture 2015

22cm x 18cm x 43cm

No. 50

Music box automat

Piano player opens automatically

21cm x 15cm 31cm


No. 61

Fortune teller machine

Museum piece machine with coin slot

Year 1910

78cm x 48cm x 194cm

No. 65

Company Camus France

Machine with clowns

Year 1980

45cm x 36cm x 46cm

No. 69

Mills USA company

Slot machine "Pirate" rare copy

57cm x 60cm x 180cm